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A reverse phase high pressure liquid chromatographic method is presented for the simultaneous separation and determination of quinic, malic, and citric acids in single strength, undiluted cranberry juice. After a 1 : 10 dilution and cleanup through a disposable column, major organic acids in cranberry juice are separated on a Bondapak/C18 column and(More)
Laser light scattering measurements have been made on a series of polynucleosomes containing from 50 to 150 nucleosomes. Radii of gyration have been determined as a function of polynucleosome length for different ionic strength solutions. The results suggest that at low ionic strength the chromatin adopts a loosely helical structure rather than a random(More)
The shape and size of the nucleosomal core particle from chromatin has been examined by analysis of neutron and X-ray scattering data from dilute solutions. Calculations of scattering for many different models have been made and only one model was able to account for both the X-ray and neutron profiles. This model is an oblate structure with height about(More)
A model for the sub-structure of the core particle of the nucleosome in chromatin, based on results from neutron and x-ray scattering and other physico-chemical observations, is presented. Two disc-shaped heterotypic tetramers of histones, opposed face-to-face, form the core protein. Each tetramer is enclasped by an annulus of DNA and the two annuli are(More)