Rosalie E Bateson

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BACKGROUND A single dose of the histone deacetylase inhibitor vorinostat (VOR) up-regulates HIV RNA expression within resting CD4(+) T cells of treated, aviremic human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-positive participants. The ability of multiple exposures to VOR to repeatedly disrupt latency has not been directly measured, to our knowledge. METHODS Five(More)
The quantitative viral outgrowth assay (QVOA) provides a precise minimal estimate of the reservoir of resting CD4(+) T-cell infection (resting cell infection [RCI]). However, the variability of RCI over time during antiretroviral therapy (ART), relevant to assess potential effects of latency-reversing agents or other interventions, has not been fully(More)
UNLABELLED Central memory (TCM) CD4(+) T cells are the principal reservoir of latent HIV-1 infection that persists despite durable, successful antiretroviral therapy (ART). In a study that measured HIV DNA in 17 patients and replication-competent HIV in 4 patients, pools of resting and activated transitional memory (T(TM)) CD4(+) T cells were found to be a(More)
Eradication of HIV infection will require the identification of all cellular reservoirs that harbor latent infection. Despite low or lack of CD4 receptor expression on Vδ2 T cells, infection of these cells has previously been reported. We found that upregulation of the CD4 receptor may render primary Vδ2 cells target for HIV infection in vitro and we(More)
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