Rosalie Belian

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Database administration routines involve manual or semi-automatic methods for monitoring the environment and solving problems that arise. In this work, we propose a novel alternative approach to this task, which unifies two Artificial Intelligence techniques: Case Based Reasoning and Intelligent Agents. Thus, DBSitter consists of a Multi-Agent system for(More)
Data Integration has become one of the most relevant research fields in data management for the last years. The problem of integrating data from diverse, heterogeneous data sources is ubiquitous and has been tackled by some different approaches. A recent one concerns Peer Data Management Systems (PDMS) which are characterized by their dynamicity. To help(More)
This paper describes an NFS configuration and management system for large and heterogeneous computer environments. It also shows how this system can be extended to address other services in the network. The solution is composed of a process that describes service configuration and management life-cycle, a modular architecture and an objected oriented model.(More)
Data management solutions in distributed environments have been continuously evolving during the last years to answer users’ needs and face new technology challenges. To help matters, ontologies have been used as a support for the techniques of managing data. For instance, ontologies may be used to describe the semantics of data at different sources,(More)
One of the major database research areas is Data Integration, which refers to providing users with a uniform view over a set of heterogeneous, distributed and autonomous data sources. Data Integration settings concern, for instance, mediator-based integration systems and P2P ones (named Peer Data Management Systems). In these settings, users pose their(More)
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