Rosalia Sanfilippo

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Pendant bioconstructions occur within submerged caves in the Plemmirio Marine Protected Area in SE Sicily, Italy. These rigid structures, here termed biostalactites, were synsedimentarily lithified by clotted-peloidal microbial carbonate that has a high bacterial lipid biomarker content with abundant compounds derived from sulfate-reducing bacteria. The(More)
The improved resolution power of electrophoretic fractionation of DNA in a wide range of molecular masses is demonstrated using an "up and down" application of voltage gradient gel electrophoresis (VGGE). This application also allows separation of different DNA fragments which are poorly fractionated in conventional electrophoresis.
Sea urchin embryo micromeres when isolated and cultured in vitro differentiate to produce spicules. Although several authors have used this model, almost nothing is known about the signaling pathways responsible for initiating skeletogenesis. In order to investigate the potential involvement of phosphorylation events in spiculogenesis, the effect of(More)
Careful quantitative analyses by spot hybridization to homologous probes demonstrate that no rDNA amplification occurs during Paracentrotus lividus oogenesis. The same approach was used to measure the copy number of the genes involved in ribosome biogenesis. Surprisingly, differently from the organisms in which the lack of rDNA amplification phenomena was(More)
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