Rosalia Fernandez-Alonso

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The question of how neural progenitor cells maintain its self-renewal throughout life is a fundamental problem in cell biology with implications in cancer, aging and neurodegenerative diseases. In this work, we have analyzed the p73 function in embryonic neural progenitor cell biology using the neurosphere (NS)-assay and showed that p73-loss has a(More)
Embryonic stem cells (ESCs) can self-renew or differentiate into any cell type, a phenomenon known as pluripotency. Distinct pluripotent states, termed naive and primed pluripotency, have been described. However, the mechanisms that control naive-primed pluripotent transition are poorly understood. Here, we perform a targeted screen for kinase inhibitors,(More)
INTRODUCTION The concept of transynaptic deafferentation secondary to a lesion is the basis of the therapeutic criteria of functional neurosurgery. DEVELOPMENT Pain due to deafferentation requires clinical neurophysiological techniques for characterization, and when appropriate, for localization of the level of the lesion and the ectopic focus or foci(More)
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