Rosalba Del Coco

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Chemotherapeutic agents have been used for the treatment of patients with osteosarcoma (OS). However, inherent or acquired resistance to these agents is a serious problem in the management of OS patients. The emergence of the multidrug resistance (MDR) phenotype in cancer cells is often associated with the overexpression of P-glycoprotein, encoded by the(More)
A simple, high-yield technique for the freeze-fracturing of small amounts of isolated cells is described. A drop of cells fixed in suspension is deposited on a polylysine-treated coverslip, forming a monolayer through electrostatic forces. After cryoprotection, the coverslip is inverted on a gold carrier covered with Vinol and then frozen in liquid(More)
Pre-lamin A undergoes subsequent steps of post-translational modification at its C-terminus, including farnesylation, methylation, and cleavage by ZMPSTE24 metalloprotease. Here, we show that accumulation of different intermediates of pre-lamin A processing in nuclei, induced by expression of mutated pre-lamin A, differentially affected chromatin(More)
AIMS Beradinelli-Seip congenital generalized lipodystrophy is a rare autosomal recessive disorder characterized by near-complete absence of adipose tissue, Herculean appearance, insulin resistance, hypoleptinaemia and diabetes mellitus. The aim of this study was to investigate the in vitro effects of pioglitazone on the expression of genes involved in(More)
The presence of phospholipids within the interphase nucleus and in isolated chromatin, previously demonstrated by analytical biochemical methods, has been only rarely documented by cytochemical procedures, especially at the ultrastructural level. By means of a gold-conjugated phospholipase technique, we investigated the fine localization of endogenous(More)
A transmission E/M, scanning E/M and freeze fracture ultrastructural study has been performed on the rat hepatocyte in the course of isolation from the liver parenchyma. The cell submicroscopic aspect indicates a good morpho-functional preservation from the liver perfusion to the final stages of cell isolation. The freeze fracture membrane analysis(More)
The complex organization of the interphase nucleus can be analyzed, by way of thin sectioning and also freeze-fracture. This approach has previously been utilized in association with image analysis to quantitatively describe the organization of isolated rat liver nuclei and nuclear matrices. The main nuclear domains which, in section, present marked(More)
Fixed human metaphase chromosomes were progressively digested with DraI or HaeIII restriction enzymes, submitted to in situ nick translation, and observed by transmission electron microscopy to obtain further information on the localization of the endonuclease target sequences and on the conformational changes in chromosomal bands. This approach allows us(More)
Vinorelbine (VNR) is a semi-synthetic vinca alkaloid known to exert its antitumour activity by interfering with the polymerisation of tubulin. It has shown a broad spectrum of activity in some advanced carcinomas of lung, breast and ovary. This report demonstrates for the first time the antiproliferative effect of VNR and its molecular mechanism in human(More)