Rosalía Hillers Rodríguez

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Capgras syndrome is the most prevalent of the delusional misidentification syndromes. It appears in both psychiatric illness and organic brain damage. Cognitive and neuropsychiatric models (lateralization and disconnection) have been proposed to explain the syndrome. From a neuropsychological point of view Capgras syndrome seems to be due to damage of(More)
The study of cross-reactivity in allergy is key to both understanding. the allergic response of many patients and providing them with a rational treatment In the present study, protein microarrays and a co-sensitization graph approach were used in conjunction with an allergen microarray immunoassay. This enabled us to include a wide number of proteins and a(More)
Endo-β-1,3-glucanases are widespread enzymes with glycosyl hydrolitic activity involved in carbohydrate remodelling during the germination and pollen tube growth. Although members of this protein family with allergenic activity have been reported, their effective contribution to allergy is little known. In this work, we identified Fra e 9 as a novel(More)
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