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In vitro plant cell and tissue culture techniques are the basis of many micropropagation and breeding programs for scientific research. Plant tissue culture (PTC) involves organogenesis and embryogenesis, and the outcome depends on the different conditions to which the tissue is exposed. PTC is a stressful environment—high relative humidity, low ventilation(More)
Virus-induced gene silencing is based on the sequence-specific degradation of RNA. Here, a gene silencing vector derived from EuMV-YP, named pEuMV-YP:ΔAV1, was used to silence ChlI and NPR1 genes in Nicotiana benthamiana. The silencing of the ChlI transcripts was efficient in the stems, petioles and leaves as reflected in tissue bleaching and reduced(More)
Reproduction is one of the most important phases in an organism's lifecycle. In the case of angiosperm plants, flowering provides the major developmental transition from the vegetative to the reproductive stage, and requires genetic and epigenetic reprogramming to ensure the success of seed production. Flowering is regulated by a complex network of genes(More)
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