Rosa Scapaticci

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AIM The North Milan Group presents the results of a phase II study on a cisplatin-vinorelbine combination schedule in the treatment of locally advanced non-small cell lung cancer to evaluate its activity and tolerability. METHODS Seventy-six consecutive patients entered the study. Patients' characteristics were the following: males/females 69/7; median(More)
The adoption of microwave imaging as a tool for noninvasive monitoring of brain stroke has recently gained increasing attention. In this respect, the paper aims at providing a twofold contribution. First, we introduce a simple design tool to devise guidelines to properly set the working frequency as well as to choose the optimum matching medium needed to(More)
Magnetic nanoparticles-enhanced microwave imaging has been recently proposed to overcome the limitations of conventional microwave imaging methods for breast cancer monitoring. In this paper, we discuss how to tackle the linear inverse scattering problem underlying this novel technique in an effective way. In particular, our aim is to minimize the required(More)
Microwave imaging (MWI) is an emerging tool for medical diagnostics, potentially offering unique advantages such as the capability of providing quantitative images of the inspected tissues. This involves, however, solving a challenging nonlinear and ill-posed electromagnetic inverse scattering problem. This paper presents a robust method for quantitative(More)
In microwave breast cancer imaging magnetic nanoparticles have been recently proposed as contrast agent. Due to the non-magnetic nature of human tissues, magnetic nanoparticles make possible the overcoming of some limitations of conventional microwave imaging techniques, thus providing reliable and specific diagnosis of breast cancer. In this paper, a(More)
Magnetic nanoparticles-enhanced microwave imaging has been recently proposed as an effective and reliable means to detect breast cancer. Thanks to the nonmagnetic nature of human tissues, the imaging problem corresponds to the retrieval of a weak magnetic anomaly hosted into an unknown nonmagnetic scenario. Hence, properly targeted magnetic nanoparticles in(More)
Thirty-two patients with by non oat cell bronchogenic carcinoma were admitted to a protocol including Cyclophosphamide (CTX) 1,000 mg/m2 i.v. day 1, VP16-213 200 mg/m2 p.o. day 1–3, every 3 weeks. Partial remissions were seen in 2 of 27 evaluable patients; 16 of 27 showed no change. Mean survival was 36.4 weeks, median survival was 38 weeks.
40 patients suffering from acute viral hepatitis, 18 type A, 18 type B and 4 non-A non-B have been examined. During the acute phase there was a marked reduction in HDL cholesterol (average 4.4) with subsequent steady increase up to 16.6 at the 5th week of disease. A highly significant negative correlation was observed between transaminases and direct(More)