Rosa Roberts

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Epidemiological data in 13 cases of sexual assault on men who attended a sexual assault referral centre are presented. All the assailants were male. The sexual orientation of the victims was predominantly heterosexual (7 of 13), 3 considered themselves to be homosexual and 3 were confused about their sexual orientation. The average age at the time of(More)
Clinical research improves patient care and is a government priority. We sought the opinions of genito-urinary medicine clinic staff regarding undertaking research, any barriers they perceived, and methods to optimise study recruitment. Questionnaires were offered to everyone working in the genito-urinary medicine clinic over a one-week period. In addition,(More)
Investigation of deaths in early childhood is one method of assessing the quality of child care in a district. This paper describes a study carried out in one health district, on children in the age group one week to five years: 28 deaths occurred over a two-year period, 25 of these in the first year of life. The deaths are classified according to potential(More)
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