Rosa Ramírez Fernández

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Epicrania fugax (EF) is a novel syndrome, described as a paroxysmal and brief head pain, starting in posterior cranial regions and rapidly spreading forward ipsilateral eye, nose or forehead. Two patients with comparable clinical features stemming from frontal scalp to ipsilateral posterior regions have been recently described and proposed as backward(More)
Primary stabbing headache (PSH) is a pain, as brief, sharp, jabbing stabs, predominantly felt in the first division of trigeminal nerve. Population studies have shown that PSH is a common headache. However, most people suffer attacks of low frequency or intensity and seldom seek for medical assistance. There are few clinic-based studies of PSH, and its real(More)
The limbic structures play an important role in the control of the neuroendocrine and sympathical adrenal function in basal and stress conditions. This work was undertaken to evaluate plasma ACTH, adrenocortical activity, cardiac adrenoceptors density and affinity response to variable chronic stress (VCS) in anterodorsal thalamic nuclei (ADTN) lesioned(More)
614 Effect of Newcastle disease virus (La Sota strain) infection on chicken respiratory macrophage. 615 Characterization of avian paramyxoviruses isolated from migratory waterfowl in chickens, turkeys and ducks. AAAP abstract † 616 Avian paramyxovirus serotype 1 strains of low virulence with unusual fusion protein cleavage sites isolated from poultry(More)
Hemicrania continua (HC) is a unilateral and continuous primary headache with superimposed exacerbations frequently associated with autonomic features. Diagnostic criteria of HC, according to II Edition of International Classification of Headache Disorders require complete response to indomethacin. HC is probably misdiagnosed more often than other primary(More)
INTRODUCTION Nummular headache (NH) is a mild or moderate pain, located in a small, well circumscribed, rounded or elliptical area. Temporal pattern is variable and pain exacerbations have been described. AIM. To analyze clinical characteristics and therapy requirement and response in a series of patients attended due to NH in a headache outpatient office.(More)
EDITORIALES El uso adecuado de la restricción física en el anciano: una preocupación creciente T. Alarcón Alarcón El anciano en situación crítica: nuevos retos en la asistencia geriátrica del futuro Uso de sujeciones físicas en una población anciana ingresada en residencias públicas La edad biológica como factor predictor de mortalidad en una unidad de(More)
INTRODUCTION Hemicrania continua is characterised by a continuous unilateral pain, which frequently gets worse in association with autonomic symptoms. It is probably little known and underdiagnosed. Its diagnosis requires a response to indomethacin, which is not always well tolerated. AIMS We report a series of 36 cases of hemicrania continua that were(More)
INTRODUCTION Epicrania fugax is a recently reported condition consisting in brief painful paroxysms that begin in the posterior regions of the brain and irradiate towards the ipsilateral eye, nose or temple. AIMS To present 18 cases of epicrania fugax from a monographic headache centre in a tertiary hospital and to analyse their demographic and clinical(More)