Rosa Padilla

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The Ir(i) complexes [TpMe2Ir(η4-1,4-diene)] 2b and 2c react thermally with a variety of aromatic aldehydes, 3a-e, to generate the metallabicyclic compounds 4e-k and the Fischer-type carbenes 5a-b in moderate yields. These reactions are proposed to take place with the initial formation of η1-aldehyde adducts as key intermediates. The formation of the(More)
The reduction chemistry of cobalt complexes with HPNP (HPNP = HN(CH2CH2P(i)Pr2)2) as a supporting ligand is described. Reaction of [(HPNP)CoCl2] (1) with n-BuLi generated both the deprotonated Co(II) species [(PNP)CoCl] (2) along with the Co(I) complex [(HPNP)CoCl] (3). Products resulting from reduction of 2 with KC8 vary depending upon the atmosphere under(More)
A series of early transition metal corrole complexes has been prepared via salt metathesis with the corresponding lithium corrole. Their characterization by single crystal X-ray diffraction, NMR, and absorption spectroscopy is described. Organometallic derivatives of the titanium complex were obtained via treatment of 2 with NaCp* or ClMgCH2SiMe3.
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