Rosa M. Vasconcelos

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Oral mucositis (OM) is among the most common, painful, and debilitating toxicities of cancer regimen-related treatment, resulting in the formation of ulcers, which are susceptible to increased colonization of microorganisms. Novel discoveries in OM have focused on understanding the host-microbial interactions, because current pathways have shown that major(More)
This paper presents a new innovative technological solution idea to automatically quantify the yarn mass parameters (hairiness, diameter and mass), the yarn production characteristics (snarls length, number of cables, fibres orientation and cables orientation) and the yarn surface porosity, as well as the yarn associated fabrics prediction, using Image(More)
This paper presents the main characteristics and functionalities of a system based on image processing techniques applied to quality assessment of yarns. In Textile Industry we used image processing to determine yarn mass parameters as well as yarn production characteristics. A low cost solution based on a web-pc camera plus the optics of a low cost(More)
This paper presents a study on the development of a methodology to automatically determine yarn mass parameters using Image Processing (IP) techniques. The sample images were analyzed and processed through a custom made application developed in LabVIEW from National Instruments using IMAQ Vision Toolkit. The results show that a reliable diameter, mass and(More)
This paper presents the design and implementation of a remote experiment for controlling the level of a two-tank system. It describes also the management of the team work: it was performed in a remote collaborative methodology by two students of the fourth year of the Industrial Electronics Master Course at University of Minho (UM) and one student from the(More)
—We demonstrate that one can adequately characterize yarn hairiness by imaging the yarn along a single projection direction using coherent optical processing. A system that simultaneously characterizes the yarn hairiness along two orthogonal projection directions was constructed. Provided that a sufficiently high number of yarn segments are sampled, a(More)