Rosa M. Jiménez

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Members of different voltage-gated K+ channel subfamilies usually do not form heteromultimers. However, coassembly between Shaker and ether-à-go-go (eag) subunits, members of two distinct K+ channel subfamilies, was suggested by genetic and functional studies (Zhong and Wu. 1991. Science. 252: 1562-1564; Chen, M.-L., T. Hoshi, and C.-F. Wu. 1996. Neuron.(More)
In this paper we continue previous work from Sannella, Sokolowski and Tarlecki on parameterization in specification languages. Within the loose approach, we define specification and model level semantics for two kinds of parameterizations (parameterized specifications and specifications of parameterized data types) and describe, in a compositional manner,(More)
Easy solution: use an efficient selection algorithm, with (expected) linear cost, e.g., using Hoare's or Floyd and Rivest's algorithms for selection Introduction • What if the collection is organized in some multidimensional index? (e.g., a K-d tree, a quadtree,. . .) • If K = 1 and the collection of n records is stored in some kind of binary search tree ⇒(More)
We have studied the effects of BW284c51 on the function of Torpedo nicotinic acetylcholine (Ach) receptors (nAchRs) transplanted to Xenopus laevis oocytes. BW284c51 reversible inhibited Ach-elicited currents (IAch) in a concentration-dependent manner, increased IAch desensitisation and changed the Ach concentration-dependence of the IAch from a two-site to(More)