Rosa M. Cibrian

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INTRODUCTION The aims of the study were; to evaluate the applicability of the Moyers and Tanaka-Johnston Methods to individuals with a Spanish ancestry, to propose new regression equations using the lower four permanent incisors as predictors for the sum of the widths of the lower permanent canine and premolars, and to compare the new data to those from(More)
Archeological acoustics is a part of acoustics that studies ancient environments which were dedicated (completely or partly) to sound performing. The combination of this acoustic area in conjunction with room acoustics enables the study of the acoustic evolution of existing buildings (in terms of the historical documentation) or even, make the acoustic(More)
—We report a method for the temporal synchronization of two photoelastic light modulators. For synchronizing, we used the transistor-transistor logic output signals from each mod-ulator, which contain the information on the light polarization. These signals were introduced in a phase-detector circuit, which provided the phase difference value between both(More)
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