Rosa M. Cibrian

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New noninvasive techniques, amongst them structured light methods, have been applied to study rachis deformities, providing a way to evaluate external back deformities in the three planes of space. These methods are aimed at reducing the number of radiographic examinations necessary to diagnose and follow-up patients with scoliosis. By projecting a grid(More)
The eruption cyst is a lesion associated with an erupting tooth. It appears as a transparent, bluish, blue or blue-black swelling of the alveolar mucosa, over a temporal or permanent tooth in eruption. The analysis of the thirty-six eruption cysts cases studied, corresponding to twenty-seven patients, revealed that their most frequent location is in the(More)
The specificity and sensitivity of a tumor marker (TM) are important in establishing its potential clinical utility for a specific type of neoplasm. CA 15.3 is a TM specific for breast cancer; it is defined by two monoclonal antibodies (DF3 and 115D8), whose specificity, in disease-free follow-up patients, and sensitivity, in patients at diagnosis of first(More)
OBJECTIVES Cone Beam Computerized Tomography (CBCT) allows the possibility of modifying some of the diagnostic tools used in orthodontics, such as cephalometry. The first step must be to study the characteristics of these devices in terms of accuracy and reliability of the most commonly used landmarks. The aims were 1- To assess intra and inter-observer(More)
The aims of the study were to assess speed, reliability, accuracy, and reproducibility in measuring mesiodistal tooth sizes, bicanine widths, bimolar widths, and arch lengths (ALs) using cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) and to compare them with the same measurements obtained using a two-dimensional (2D) Digital Method. Plaster study models were made for(More)
INTRODUCTION Previous studies have shown that populations differ with respect to interarch tooth-size relationships, and differences in tooth sizes are not systematic. The aims of this study were to determine the Bolton ratios in Spanish subjects. METHODS We used a digital method and measured the casts to the nearest 0.05 mm. The sample consisted of 100(More)
The Bolton Index is one of the most useful calculations for precise orthodontic diagnosis as it shows if there is a correct ratio between dental proportions. However, at times, this calculation is not applied because it is a long and time-consuming procedure compared with digital methods. A new digital method for measuring tooth sizes and for calculating(More)
The mandibular third molar (3M) is the tooth that is most often impacted, with lack of space being one of the reasons. In some orthodontic treatments, premolars are extracted in order to create space. The aims of our study are: firstly, to assess the changes in the angulation and position of the 3M in cases treated either with or without extraction of the(More)
INTRODUCTION The aims of the study were; to evaluate the applicability of the Moyers and Tanaka-Johnston Methods to individuals with a Spanish ancestry, to propose new regression equations using the lower four permanent incisors as predictors for the sum of the widths of the lower permanent canine and premolars, and to compare the new data to those from(More)
OBJECTIVE Musculoskeletal injuries occur frequently. Diagnostic tests using ionizing radiation can lead to problems for patients, and infrared thermal imaging could be useful when diagnosing these injuries. CONCLUSION A systematic review was performed to determine the diagnostic accuracy of infrared thermal imaging in patients with musculoskeletal(More)