Rosa Lodeiro

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The most recent Alu insertions reveal different degrees of polymorphism in human populations, and a series of characteristics that make them particularly suitable genetic markers for Human Biology studies. This has led these polymorphisms to be used to analyse the origin and phylogenetic relationships between contemporary human groups. This study analyses(More)
The current genetic structure of Iberian populations has presumably been affected by the complex orography of its territory, the different people and civilizations that settled there, its ancient and complex history, the diverse and persistent sociocultural patterns in its different regions, and also by the effects of the Iberian Peninsula representing a(More)
We present a study of the frequencies of the different types of consanguineous marriages, up to the level of second cousins, using as a source the ecclesiastical dispensations given from 1900 to 1979 in the Archbishopric of Santiago de Compostela (Galicia, Spain). We also report the rate of consanguinity, the average coefficient of inbreeding, and its(More)
The authors have performed a double-blind study, evaluating blood levels of glucose and ethanol and the neurologic status of 83 alcoholized patients who were admitted to an emergency hospital in Porto Alegre, Brazil. The patients were evaluated and admittance to the service and 40 minutes later. The mean glycemia was 90 +/- 21mg/dl, with most patients with(More)
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