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Young Children Bet on Their Numerical Skills
Metacognition, the ability to assess one’s own knowledge, has been targeted as a critical learning mechanism in mathematics education. Yet the early childhood origins of metacognition have provenExpand
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Developmental Maturation of the Precuneus as a Functional Core of the Default Mode Network
Efforts to map the functional architecture of the developing human brain have shown that connectivity between and within functional neural networks changes from childhood to adulthood. Although priorExpand
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Reason’s Enemy Is Not Emotion: Engagement of Cognitive Control Networks Explains Biases in Gain/Loss Framing
In the classic gain/loss framing effect, describing a gamble as a potential gain or loss biases people to make risk-averse or risk-seeking decisions, respectively. The canonical explanation for thisExpand
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Romantic Relationship Influences on Delinquent and Violent Offending in Females
Currently research lacks a comprehensive picture of romantic relationships in female adolescents re-entering the community post-incarceration. There is also very little empirical research examiningExpand
Facilitating conservation
Phylogenetic systematics helped us convince fewer people to eat caviar, which has helped to save the rarest species of sturgeons from extinction. Once the term “caviar” was restricted to just theExpand
Metacognition in children is specific to domain knowledge
NextGen advises “Trying to Manage”