Rosa Jiménez Paneque

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OBJECTIVE To determine damage presence and predictors factors for its appearance in a cohort of cuban patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). PATIENTS AND METHODS A retrospective cohort study included 80 patients presenting with SLE seen in Rheumatology Service of "Hermanos Ameijeiras" Clinical Surgical Hospital in Havana City, Cuba. Damage was(More)
We have studied 218 patients with Essential Hypertension. The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome (MS) and Insulin resistance (IR) in hypertensive patients and to know the vascular risk associated with MS. Blood pressure (BP), body mass index (BMI), plasma insulin and serum lipids were measured. Plasma glucose was(More)
UNLABELLED Atherosclerotic vascular disease-associated mortality and morbidity has increased in sick patients with with systemic erythematosus lupus (SLE). OBJECTIVES To determine frequency of atherosclerotic vascular disease (AVD) in our patients, and to identify associations of some risk factors associated to its presence. METHOD Study included 51(More)
Mortality levels and trends for the population of Cuba aged 15-49 are analyzed. Differences according to age, sex, and cause of death are described. "Results show a trend to decreased mortality in most of the causes, particularly marked for infectious diseases and maternal deaths; accidents and other unnatural causes are [the] first cause of death in the(More)
BACKGROUND Healthcare workers face the risk of accidents and illnesses related to their occupation. Psychological stress, exposure to communicable diseases and violence are perhaps the most significant ones. Workers in emergency services are more likely to be subjected to these risks than healthcare workers in other areas. This review aims to assess current(More)
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