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The association between pregnancy and altered cutaneous pigmentation has been documented for over two millennia, suggesting that sex hormones play a role in regulating epidermal melanocyte (MC) homeostasis. Here we show that physiologic estrogen (17β-estradiol) and progesterone reciprocally regulate melanin synthesis. This is intriguing given that we also(More)
This paper considers a practical structure-borne sound source characterization for mechanical installations, which are connected to plate-like structures. It describes a laboratory-based measurement procedure, which will yield single values of source strength in a form transferable to a prediction of the structure-borne sound power generated in the(More)
Trapping of the ketene generated from the thermolysis of 2-methyl-2-phenyl-1,3-dioxane-4,6-dione-keto-dioxinone at 50 °C with primary, secondary, or tertiary alcohols gave the corresponding dioxinone β-keto-esters in good yield under neutral conditions. These intermediates were converted by palladium(0)-catalyzed decarboxylative allyl migration and(More)
Resorcylates are a large group of bioactive natural products that are biosynthesized from acetate and malonate units via the intermediacy of polyketides. These polyketides undergo cyclization reactions to introduce the aromatic core. The bioactivities of the resorcylates including resorcylate macrocyclic lactones include anticancer, antimalarial,(More)
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