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A new direction of research in Competitive Location theory incorporates theories of Consumer Choice Behavior in its models. Following this direction, this paper studies the importance of consumer behavior with respect to distance or transportation costs in the optimality of locations obtained by traditional Competitive Location models. To do this, it(More)
The Maximum Capture problem (MAXCAP) is a decision model that addresses the issue of location in a competitive environment. This paper presents a new approach to determine which store's attributes (other than distance) should be included in the new Market Capture Models and how they ought to be reflected using the Multiplicative Competitive Interaction(More)
(2003), A new chance-constrained maximum capture location problem. Abstract The paper presents a new model based on the basic Maximum Capture model, MAXCAP. The New Chance – Constrained Maximum Capture model introduces a stochastic threshold constraint, which recognises the fact that a facility can be open only if a minimum level of demand is captured. A(More)
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