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  Girls and boys enter school roughly equal in measured ability. They start off alike in mathematics and science performance and interest in school, and appear to do equally well in both subjects in elementary school. As girls progress from middle school into high school and college, they become a steadily decreasing segment of the " scientific and(More)
The Center for Pre-College Programs at New Jersey Institute of Technology sponsors a series of summer programs designed to increase academically talented students' interest in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. One of the programs, Woman in Engineering and Technology, called FEMME, has been designed specifically for young women(More)
al. Epidemic resurgence of chikungunya virus in Democratic Republic of the Congo: identification of a new Central African strain. SC. Re-emergence of chikungunya and o'nyong-nyong viruses: evidence for distinct geographical lineages and distant evolutionary relationships. Phase II safety and immunogenicity study of live chikungunya virus vaccine(More)
 The Center for Pre-College Programs (CPCP) at New Jersey Institute of Technology offers initiatives and programs designed to increase educational opportunities for inner-city youngsters, and to improve the quality of education at the elementary and secondary schools in the region and the State. The Center and its programs provide the connection between(More)
This paper presents a service-oriented architecture that allows a more efficient distribution of resources and functionalities. The architecture has been used to develop a multi-agent system aimed at enhancing the assistance and healthcare for Alzheimer patients living in geriatric residences. Most of the system functionalities have been modelled as(More)