Rosa Ana Cercós-del-Pozo

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The molecular topology model and discriminant analysis have been applied to the prediction of some pharmacological properties of hypoglycemic drugs using multiple regression equations with their statistical parameters. Regression analysis showed that the molecular topology model predicts these properties. The corresponding stability (cross-validation)(More)
This investigation was undertaken to test the ability of the molecular connectivity model to predict the percentage of plasma protein binding, the percentage of total cholesterol reduction and oral LD50 in rats of a group of hypolipaemic drugs using multi-variable regression equations with multiple correlation coefficients, standard error of estimate,(More)
The molecular connectivity method has been applied to the study of pharmacological properties, among which are found the angor treatment dose, alpha-distribution half-life and intravenous LD50 in mouse, of a group of beta-blocker agents, verifying its application in the prediction of theoretic values for said pharmacological properties. To do this, the(More)
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