Rosa A Fajardo-Somera

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Chitin, one of the most important carbohydrates of the fungal cell wall, is synthesized by chitin synthases (CHS). Seven sequences encoding CHSs have been identified in the genome of Neurospora crassa. Previously, CHS-1, -3 and -6 were found at the Spitzenkörper(Spk) core and developing septa. We investigated the functional importance of each CHS in growth(More)
The corn pathogen Ustilago maydis is a well-studied fungal model organism. Along with a broad set of experimental tools, versatile strategies for the generation of gene replacement mutants by homologous recombination in U. maydis have been developed. Nevertheless, the production of corresponding linear DNA constructs still constitutes a time-limiting step.(More)
Most models for fungal growth have proposed a directional traffic of secretory vesicles to the hyphal apex, where they temporarily aggregate at the Spitzenkörper before they fuse with the plasma membrane (PM). The PM H(+)-translocating ATPase (PMA-1) is delivered via the classical secretory pathway (endoplasmic reticulum [ER] to Golgi) to the cell surface,(More)
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