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Experiments were carried out to analyze the biological characteristics of two sympatric isolates of Schistosoma mansoni derived from humans and murines in a low endemic transmission area (Sumidouro(More)
Abstract Prevalence of intestinal parasites was investigated in 1381 low-income children un-der five years of age from March 1990 to October 1991 in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Stooltests(More)
Histopathologic and morphometric (area, perimeter, major and minor diameters) analysis of hepatic granulomas isolated from twelve naturally infected Nectomys squamipes were compared to four(More)
Echinococcus vogeli is known to occur in the neotropics, causing polycystic echinococcosis (PE) in humans. The liver and lungs are the most commonly affected organs. In this paper, we report six(More)