Rosália G. Schneider

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We introduce an approach for sketch classification based on Fisher vectors that significantly outperforms existing techniques. For the TU-Berlin sketch benchmark [Eitz et al. 2012a], our recognition rate is close to human performance on the same task. Motivated by these results, we propose a different benchmark for the evaluation of sketch classification(More)
Color is one of the most common ways to convey information in visualization applications. Color vision deficiency (CVD) affects approximately 200 million individuals worldwide and considerably degrades their performance in understanding such contents by creating red-green or blue-yellow ambiguities. While several content-specific methods have been proposed(More)
We introduce a new approach for segmentation and label transfer in sketches that substantially improves the state of the art. We build on successful techniques to find how likely each segment is to belong to a label, and use a Conditional Random Field to find the most probable global configuration. Our method is trained fully on the sketch domain, such that(More)
We introduce a new interface for augmenting e-learning videos with panoramic frames and content-based navigation. Our interface gradually builds a panoramic video, and allows users to navigate through such video by directly clicking on its contents, as opposed to using a conventional time slider. We demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach by(More)
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