Rory Solomon

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We describe a system that allows a distributed group of users to simultaneously teleoperate an industrial robot arm via the Internet. A java applet at each client streams mouse motion vectors from up to 30 users; a server aggregates these inputs to produce a single control stream for the robot. Users receive visual feedback from a digital camera mounted(More)
This study measured the effects of including soyhulls as partial roughage replacement in total mixed rations (TMR) fed to 25 pairs of cows during early lactation, on the dry matter (DM) intake, particle kinetics, rumination, in vivo DM and NDF digestibility, milk and FCM yields, and BW changes. The 2 diets used in this study differed in the content of(More)
Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a naturally occurring anticarcinogen found in dairy products, is a byproduct of incomplete ruminal biohydrogenation of unsaturated fatty acids. Our objective was to determine the effect of nonstructural carbohydrate sources, addition of full fat extruded soybeans as a source of unsaturated fatty acids, and possible(More)
Ten lactating cows were divided into two groups and individually fed ad libitum one of two experimental total mixed rations (TMR) as follows: 1) a TMR containing 20% corn grain and 10% dry citrus pulp (high corn); and 2) a TMR containing 21% citrus pulp and 9% corn grain (high citrus pulp). Both TMR also contained corn silage (28%), legume haylage (19.5%),(More)
This study examines the effect of NaOH treatment on the nutritive value of Pima cottonseed for lactating cows. Treatment of Pima cottonseed with NaOH increased the extent of dry matter (DM) and neutral detergent fiber in vitro digestibility. Three groups of cows were fed 3 similar total mixed rations (TMR) differing only in the type of cottonseed fed,(More)
The potential of soy hulls to replace barley grain in pellets supplemented to lactating cows was measured in automatic concentrate feeders (ACF). Thirty-six cows were divided into 2 equal groups and fed 1 of the 2 experimental pellet supplements individually for 7 wk. All cows were group-fed a basic mixture along the feeding lane (~64% of dietary DM) plus a(More)
Wheat silages are the major roughage for high-producing lactating dairy cows in Israel; therefore, their quality is important. The main objective of the current study was to determine the preservation status and nutritional quality of commercial wheat silages in Israel. An additional objective was to develop predictive equations for dry matter digestibility(More)
Five cows in midlactation and equipped with ruminal and abomasal canulas were fed two isonitrogenous diets composed of 46% sorghum grain, either ground or treated with 4% NaOH, plus 39% wheat silage and 15% supplements. The DMI were 16.3 and 15.8 kg/d for cows fed the diets containing ground sorghum and treated sorghum, respectively. The digestibility of(More)
The effect of supplying high producing Israeli Holstein cows with desalinated or salty water on milk composition and production was examined in the Arava desert of southern Israel. Daily water consumption of cows offered desalinated water was higher by 10.6 L than that of the group offered salty drinking water; DMI was similar for the two groups. Daily(More)
If the milking frequency in an automatic milking system (AMS) is increased, the intake of concentrated pellets in the robot may be raised accordingly. Consumption of a large quantity of starchy grains within a short time can impair the appetite, decrease voluntary visits to the milking stall, and lower intakes of dry matter (DM) and neutral detergent fiber(More)