Rory P. Kennelly

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The role of oestrogen in oncogenesis has been examined extensively, especially in the context of breast cancer, and receptor modulators are an integral part of targeted treatment in this disease. The role of oestrogen signalling in colonic carcinoma is poorly understood. Men are more susceptible than women to colon cancer. Furthermore, hormone-replacement(More)
Local excision is an alternative to anterior or abdomino-perineal resection in patients with early rectal cancer. In more advanced disease, neo-adjuvant therapy (CRXT) can result in significant disease regression such that local excision may be considered. The primary aim was to assess oncological outcome in patients with T3 rectal cancer treated with CRXT(More)
BACKGROUND Up to 15% of colorectal cancers exhibit microsatellite instability (MSI), where errors in replication go unchecked due to defects in the mismatch repair system. This study aimed to determine survival in a large single-centre series of 1250 consecutive colorectal cancers subjected to universal MSI testing. METHODS Clinical and pathological(More)
BACKGROUND Rectal cancer outcomes following abdominoperineal excision (APE) have been inferior to those for anterior resection, including more positive circumferential resection margins (CRMs). An erroneously conservative interpretation of APE (rather than a radical resection termed 'extralevator') has been proposed as the cause. In this multicentre study,(More)
The effects of two absorption promoters, (sodium caprate (C(10)) and melittin), on intestinal permeability and viability were measured in intact rat and human colonic epithelia mounted in Ussing chambers. Apical-side addition of C(10) (10 mM) and melittin (10-50 microM) rapidly reduced the transepithelial electrical resistance (TEER) and increased the(More)
INTRODUCTION Smoking can induce the onset of Crohn's disease in genetically susceptible patients and may accelerate progression and disease severity. There is a paucity of information as to patient knowledge of the impact of smoking on disease progression. The aim of this study was to assess patient awareness, initiate smoking cessation therapy and monitor(More)
In the last three decades, since Luft suggested a link between hospital volume and patient outcome, little has changed. Despite great efforts to formally quantify the relationship between volume and cancer survival, much uncertainty remains. It is intuitive that increased experience (of the surgeon, the hospital or the ancillary staff) translates to better(More)
BACKGROUND Classical effects of oestrogen involve activation of target genes after binding nuclear receptors. Oestrogenic effects too rapid for DNA transcription (non-genomic) are known to occur. The effect of oestrogen on colonic motility is unknown despite the prevalence of gastrointestinal symptoms in pregnant and premenopausal women. METHODS(More)
measured: 15.95 mm, and 21.04 mm, with van Gieson and H&E, respectively, and 23. 22 mm with FHE. Measurements of the depth of the collagen band in normal, collagenous colitis and collagenous sprue patients, using tenascin expression gave almost the same values compared with that using routine histological and histochemical staining and illumination methods(More)