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In the wake of reports of falsified data in one of the trials of the National Surgical Adjuvant Project for Breast and Bowel Cancer supported by the National Cancer Institute, clinical trials came under close scrutiny by the public, the press, and Congress. Questions were asked about the quality and integrity of the collected data and the analyses and(More)
The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (FIOH) has received support from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Labor Office (ILO) to publish the African Newsletter on Occupational Health and Safety. The African Newsletter on Occupational Health and Safety should not be a medium for industry propaganda, or the source of(More)
The U.K. authorities are failing to acknowledge or deal effectively with an epidemic of work-related cancers. The government's Health and Safety Executive (HSE) underestimates the exposed population, the risks faced as a result of those exposures, and the potential for prevention. The HSE fails to acknowledge the social inequality in occupational cancer(More)
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  • 2006
The International Labour Office (ILO) is to pursue a global ban on asbestos, the world's biggest ever industrial killer. The landmark decision came with the adoption of a resolution on 14 June 2006 at the ILO conference in Geneva and followed a high level union campaign. Rory O'Neill asked Jukka Takala, director of ILO's Safe Work program, what ILO will now(More)
Governmental efforts to monitor and regulate occupational health and safety hazards in the United Kingdom have been seriously etiolated by recent developments emanating from the HSC and the HSE that gut already-inadequate strategies in ways that favor industry prerogatives over workers, and by governmental inattention.
In a letter dated January 31, 2013 to Dr. Mahmood A. Khwaja (Senior Adviser, Chemicals and Sustainable Industrial Development, Sustainable Development Policy Institute of Pakistan), the Chairman of the International Chrysotile Association (Mr. JeanMarc Leblond) expresses the opposition of that Association to the recommendation made, in January 2013, by the(More)
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