Rory Melenkivitz

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Horse ferricytochrome c (cyt c) undergoes exchange of one of its axial heme ligands (Met-80) for one or more non-native ligands under denaturing conditions. We have used (1)H NMR spectroscopy to detect two conformations of paramagnetic cyt c with non-native heme ligation through a range of urea concentrations. One non-native form is an equilibrium unfolding(More)
An unusual family of three-coordinate, d(8) and d(9) nickel phosphido and phosphinidene complexes containing the chelating 1,2-bis(di-tert-butylphosphino)ethane (dtbpe) ligand and a terminal PR(2)(-) or PR(2-) ligand have been prepared. The complexes (dtbpe)Ni[P(t-Bu)(2)] (2), [(dtbpe)Ni[=P(t-Bu)(2)](+)][PF(6)(-)] (3), [(dtbpe)Ni[=P(H)(dmp)](+)][PF(6)(-)](More)
Nitrosonium triflate reacts with cold methylene chloride solutions of mer,trans-ReH(CO)3(PPh3)2 (1) with 1,1-insertion of NO+ into the Re-H bond to give the orange nitroxyl complex [mer,trans-Re(NH=O)(CO)3(PPh3)2][SO3CF3] (3) in 86% isolated yield. Use of [NO][PF6] or [NO][BF4] gives analogous insertion products at low temperature, which decompose on(More)
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