Rory J. Mc Donnell

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The Family Sciomyzidae (Diptera) is one of the best studied groups of malacophagous insects containing some of the most important enemies of slugs. Larvae of the fly Tetanocera elata are known obligate feeders on slugs both as parasitoids and predators. We tested whether predatory larvae of T. elata can feed on the protected slug species Geomalacus(More)
A new species of Alloionema Schneider, 1859, A. similis n. sp., and the known species A. appendiculatum Schneider, 1859 were isolated from cadavers of invasive slugs in California. Both species are described based on morphology, morphometrics and molecular data. Alloionema similis n. sp. is morphologically very similar to A. appendiculatum but can be(More)
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