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Clinical trials of treatment agents impose strict and often necessary inclusion and exclusion criteria, while patients presenting to physicians for treatment frequently exhibit complicating features that would have excluded them from entry into study. To quantify the degree of discordance between ordinary patients and study subjects, a retrospective chart(More)
High- and low-trait anxious subjects participated in a divided visual field emotional Stroop task. Subjects identified the colour of unilaterally presented threat-related, positive and neutral words. The high- and low-trait groups differed in terms of their accuracy scores but not in their reaction times. Analysis of the accuracy data revealed that the(More)
  • Rory Dowd
  • The Nursing clinics of North America
  • 2001
Calcium is an essential nutrient for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. Despite universal recognition of its importance, most people still do not obtain recommended amounts. Recent additions to the treatment of osteoporosis with potent bone active drugs produce an even greater need for calcium and total nutrition for restoration of lost bone.(More)
The ability to determine the phenotypes of erythrocyte NADH diaphorase (DIA1) was demonstrated in bloodstains, the utility of the system extending about two weeks. Electrophoretic variants representing three uncommon phenotypes (DIA1 2-1, DIA1 4-1 and DIA1 7-1) were found in five of 785 individuals tested. The NADPH diaphorase DIA2 isozymes could not be(More)
A blood specimen from a forensic science case appeared to violate Landsteiner's Rule. The red cells failed to react with anti-A, anti-B, or O serum while reacting strongly with Ulex europaeus lectin but not other anti-A lectins. The saliva from the person involved was found to contain both A and H blood group substances in a ratio of 4:1. The blood group(More)
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