Rory Coupland

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Plasmacytoma of the jaw bones and oral cavity, as in other anatomic sites, comprises three distinct entities: multiple myeloma, solitary plasmacytoma of bone, and extramedullary plasmacytoma. This article is a retrospective study of 13 cases; 9 occurred in the mandible and 4 in the maxilla. The most common radiographic finding was a radiolucency that many(More)
We present a short term review of twenty-one De La Caffinière trapezio-metacarpal prostheses inserted into twenty patients with an average review time of fifteen months. Only one case was of rheumatoid arthritis and the main indication for operation was pain. From a functional and symptomatic point of view the results are similar to other series with(More)
Arterial injuries represent a formidable challenge to surgeons working in war zone conditions. A series of 23 consecutive patients with combat wounds from the Afghan conflict with acute arterial injury were treated at the ICRC hospital in Peshawar. The mean injury-treatment delay (lag time) was 34 hours, with 14 of the 23 patients (60%) treated more than 12(More)
The quantity of blood required in the total surgical care of 4470 war injured patients in four hospitals was 44.9 units for every 100 patients admitted (u/cp). Patients evacuated to hospital in less than 6 h from wounding required 59.8 u/cp; patients admitted as a result of antipersonnel mines required 103.2 u/cp. Patients with burns potentially require(More)
This study examined the acute effects of a single dose of an antioxidant (AO; Lactaway® containing pycnogenol) on time to fatigue (TTF). Nine trained cyclists [mean ± SD age 35 ± 10 yrs; body mass 71.6 ± 10.2 kg; VO2 peak 63 ± 11 ml/kg/min] performed on two separate occasions a continuous protocol of 5 min at 50% of peak power output (PPO), 8 min at 70% of(More)
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