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Anoxia occurs annually in deeper waters of the central portion of the Chesapeake Bay and presently extends from Baltimore to the mouth of the Potomac estuary. This condition, which encompasses some 5 billion cubic meters of water and lasts from May to September, is the result of increased stratification of the water column in early spring, with consequent(More)
To investigate the relative influence of protein synthetic and degradative control mechanisms in vivo during skeletal muscle atrophy, we measured myofibril and total mixed protein synthesis rates in muscles of rats prevented from hindlimb weight-bearing for 5 h and 7 days. Protein synthesis rates were determined by infusing the animals with [3H]Leu for 5 h(More)
The purpose of the study was to note whether insulin-like growth factor (IGF) immunoreactivity increased after eccentric contractions. IGF immunoreactivity in the rat tibialis anterior muscle was measured on 5 successive days (4-5 rats/group, n = 28) after an acute bout of 192 eccentric contractions elicited by electrical stimulation. The muscle tissue(More)
The purpose of these experiments was to determine whether mixed protein synthesis rates in hearts of Fischer 344 rats were decreased from maturity to senescence. When compared with 12-mo-old rat hearts, hearts from 23- to 25-mo-old rats had 13% lower concentrations of noncollagen protein, 9% less non-collagen protein per heart, 10% higher ratio of heart wet(More)
We used PCR amplification of tandem repeats to study the pattern of allelic loss in borderline and invasive ovarian epithelial tumors using 12 primer pairs to generate a detailed deletion map of chromosome 9p. In the invasive ovarian carcinomas, there were three regions displaying high frequency of loss of heterozygosity (LOH) ranging from 31-38%. In(More)
The purpose of the study was to determine whether daily running durations that were 7-14% of the durations employed in the chronic stimulation protocols (consisting of 24 h of daily indirect electrical stimulation of skeletal muscles) still resulted in increases in a mitochondrial protein mRNA. Adult female rats were run 100 min/day on motor-driven(More)