Roque J. Minari

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Films cast from multiphase polymer particles have the potential to combine the properties of their components synergistically. The properties of the film depend on the hybrid polymer architecture and the film morphology. However, how the polymer microstructure and particle morphology are transformed during film formation to determine the film morphology is(More)
Among other uses, latexes are a successful alternative to solvent-borne binders for coatings. Efforts are made to produce hybrid nanostructured latexes containing an acrylic phase and an alkyd phase. However, after the film-forming process, the surfactant used to stabilize these latexes remains in the film, and its location can have a drastic effect on the(More)
This theoretical article investigates an industrial emulsion copolymerization of acrylonitrile (A) and butadiene (B), for the production of grades BJLT and AJLT of a nitrile rubber (NBR). The simulated process involves a train of eight continuous stirred-tank reactors operating at 10 • C. The product quality is determined by its molecular structure (average(More)
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