Roque Enrique López

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SentiStrength is a well-known tool for opinion mining texts circulated in social networks. There are English, Spanish, Russian versions of SentiStrength, which demonstrated their advantages in numerous examples. In the paper we present our classifier of opinions for analysis of comments from the Peruvian Facebook and Twitter. We corrected and enriched(More)
This paper presents a method to classify medical texts based on keywords with the support of additional semantic information. The classification is performed in two phases. In the first phase, keyword sets are extracted for each type of disease presented in the training set. Keywords are ranked according to their semantic relatedness. In the second phase,(More)
Millions of Facebook and Twitter users send their comments all over the world about products and services, political and economical events, etc. (almost 3 billions each day) The principal problem of opinion mining such information is text parameterization, and in the paper we describe our experience in solution of this problem with Peruvian Facebook and(More)
Term selection is one of the principal procedures in natural language processing. Existing advanced methods allow to construct multiword terms, to form hierarchy of related terms, etc. It provides a high quality of problem solutions where these terms are used. But almost always an expert needs a simple tool to glance a document corpus to reveal the most(More)
RICHE (Research Inventory of Child Health in Europe) is a platform developed and funded under the Health domain of 7 th European Framework Program. The platform search engine is expected to use the multilingual taxonomy of terms for processing and classifying large volumes of documents of the RICHE repository. So far the experts participating in this(More)
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