Roque Daniel Carrero-Valenzuela

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Immunohistochemical and DNA results are described in a patient with sarcoglycanopathy. Immunostaining was comparatively normal for alpha-, attenuated for beta- and delta-, and markedly attenuated for gamma-sarcoglycan, thus sarcoglycanopathy was diagnosed, presumably a gamma-sarcoglycanopathy. Unexpectedly, two alpha-SGP-related pathogenic mutations were(More)
X-linked Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease (CMT Type X1, OMIM: 302800) represents a frequent cause of hereditary peripheral motor and sensory neuropathies and is associated with mutations in GJB1 encoding the gap junction beta 1 protein connexin 32 (Cx32). Studying an Argentinean family of Italian origin with seven affected males in three generations exhibiting(More)
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