Roos de Jong

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Myocardial hyperplasia is generally considered to occur only during fetal development. However, recent evidence suggests that this type of response may also be triggered by cardiac overload after birth. In congenital heart disease, loading conditions are frequently abnormal, thereby affecting ventricular function. We hypothesized that chronic right(More)
BACKGROUND Screening can increase detection of clinically relevant depressive symptoms, but screen-positive persons are not necessarily willing to accept a subsequent unsolicited treatment offer. Our objective was to explore limiting and motivating factors in accepting an offer to join a "coping with depression" course, and perceived needs among persons(More)
Being able to comprehend another person's intentions and emotions is essential for successful social interaction. However, it is currently unknown whether the human brain possesses a neural mechanism that attracts people to others whose mental states they can easily understand. Here we show that the degree to which a person feels attracted to another person(More)
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