Roopesh Jain

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We report a rare case of chromoblastomycosis caused by a non-sporulating species of Rhytidhysteron (Order Patellariales, Ascomycota) which was identified by molecular methods. The patient was a post-renal transplant recipient male aged 50 years and a resident of Delhi. The diagnosis was made by direct microscopy, histopathology and isolation of multiple(More)
Chylothorax is a rare but serious complication following neck dissection with an incidence of 0.5%-2%. Because of the rarity of chylothorax, surgeons are unfamiliar with its early signs which allow a prompt diagnosis and effective management. Most cases reported in the literature are associated with a concurrent external chyle leakage, occurring either(More)
Peripheral nerve field stimulation (PNFS) is being applied in individual cases where conventional treatments have failed to control pain localized to limited dermatomal distribution. We applied PNFS for unrelieved post-thoracotomy scar pain. Although spinal cord stimulation may have resulted in good coverage in the same dermatomal distribution, we chose the(More)
PURPOSE To collect data on the prevalence of various types of cancer pain in a sample of children with cancer, and to implement the WHO Analgesic Ladder in the management of pain in pediatric cancer. METHODS Eighty four pediatric patients suffering of cancer pain were studied during the period 2001-2006. Patients were requested to rate their global(More)
Visceral pain in the perineal area associated with malignancies may be effectively treated with neurolysis of the ganglion impar. Since the first description of the technique of accessing the ganglion impar through anococcygeal ligament, many techniques for ganglion impar block have been described. We present a patient diagnosed with carcinoma of the anal(More)
Cancer pain treatment according to the guidelines of World Health Organization (WHO) is effective and safe in majority of patients. 818 neuropathic cancer pain patients were enrolled in the study and pain was managed according to WHO analgesic ladder and followed up to six months. Main adjuvant drugs used were amitryptaline (29.9%), gabapentin (29.9%) and(More)
An 80-year-old male was diagnosed with carcinoma in the lung with multiple bony metastases and had been prescribed pain medications as per World Health Organization analgesic ladder guidelines. However, he was not getting adequate pain relief and there were difficulties in titration of the morphine doses on an outpatient basis. Therefore, he was(More)
Persistent cerebrospinal fluid leak is a known complication of intrathecal pump system insertion for drug delivery. Various treatment modalities, such as an epidural blood patch, use of glue, removal of catheter, and surgical closure of dura and subdural blood patch, have been reported previously. This report presents a 35-year-old woman in whom an(More)
Endomyocardial fibrosis, a disease of unknown aetiology, is prevalent in the equatorial regions of the world. It is characterised by progressive fibrosis and endocardial thickening of one or both ventricular cavities, resulting in congestive heart failure and atrioventricular valvar regurgitation [1,2]. Although supraventricular arrhythmias in the presence(More)
BACKGROUND Mechanical ventilation in cancer patients is a critical issue The present prospective descriptive study was designed (1) to assess the patient population needing respirator support in ward setting at a premier state-run oncology institute in India, (2) to observe and analyze the course of their disease while on respirator, and (3) to coordinate(More)