Roopashree Dwarakanath

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We have previously shown that many cell cycle regulatory gene products are markedly affected by infection of primary fibroblasts with human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) (F. M. Jault, J. M. Jault, F. Ruchti, E. A. Fortunato, C. Clark, J. Corbeil, D. D. Richman, and D. H. Spector, J. Virol. 69:6697-6704, 1995). One of these proteins, cyclin E, is a key determinant(More)
Using bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) technology, we have constructed and characterized a human cytomegalovirus recombinant virus with a mutation in the exon specific for the major immediate-early region 2 (IE2) gene product. The resulting IE2 86-kDa protein (IE2 86) has an internal deletion of amino acids 136 to 290 and is fused at the carboxy(More)
The isolation of viruses with mutations in essential genes requires that they be propagated in cells expressing the wild-type proteins. This has been a particularly challenging problem for studying mutations in the human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) immediate early (IE) gene, IE2 86. In the past, we tried a number of approaches to derive human fibroblasts(More)
The humidity output of a circle system was raised to 28 mg H2O/l by the use of a modified rotating wick vaporizer placed in the center of the soda lime canister and coaxial inspiratory and expiratory limbs. Both the fresh gas inflow and the expired gases passed through the lime and reached a compartment below it. The bag/ventilator connector, bearing a(More)
To improve the humidification of anesthetic gases without use of electricity and its associated dangers the principle of the coffee percolator has been applied to a new vaporizer. Coffee percolators work by introducing steam-driven spurts of boiling water into a perforated coffee container. A water vaporizer, which functions on this principle, was used(More)
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