Roohollah Barzamini

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Path planning is one of the most important fields of research in the area of robotics. In this paper, a path planning method for a certain type of wheeled mobile robots called Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) is proposed. The proposed model applies fuzzy control techniques to navigate multi AGVs in an unknown environment to reach a certain destination. In(More)
Generic generalized minimum variance-based (GMV) controllers have been adopted as efficient control mechanisms especially in presence of measurement noise. However, such controllers exhibit degraded performance with change in process dynamics. To overcome this problem, a novel congestion controller based on active queue management (AQM) strategy for(More)
In this paper a new Linear Matrix Inequality (LMI) based switching controller for multiple Bottleneck packet switching Network has been considered. The main goal is to illustrate the effects of the Switching Control methodology on the congestion control problem of the packet switching Networks with dynamically varying parameters such as Link capacity and(More)
In this paper a multistage fuzzy controller is designed and implemented on the ball and beam system which is a well-known benchmark in the control area because of its nonlinear, unstable non-minimum phase behavior. The most important property of the proposed controller is its simplicity whiles it fully mimics human's actions for controlling this system. In(More)
The patterns which are presented to a Fuzzy ARTmap network should be preprocessed in such a way that the data are of appropriate clearance. In order to decrease the degree of similarity between the normalized binary patterns, a new method is proposed in which the binary patterns are converted to fuzzy (analogue) patterns. This is done by weighting and(More)
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