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Decision-Making Process in the Circular Economy: A Case Study on University Food Waste-to-Energy Actions in Latin America
Economies have begun to shift from linear to circular, adopting, among others, waste-to-energy approaches. Waste management is known to be a paramount challenge, and food waste (FW) in particular,Expand
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Biogas production from biodegradable wastes at Tecnológico de Costa Rica, Main Campus in Cartago
The Project began with the establishment of four experimental biodigestors at the Agricultural Research and Practice Centre (Campo de Practicas Docentes e Investigacion Agropecuaria) from theExpand
Technical and economic feasibility of adding pure oxygen for rotifer production (Brachionus plicatilis) spotted snapper (Lutjanus guttatus) larvae feeding
A study to technically and economically evaluate the addition of pure oxygen in a culture of rotifers for feeding marine fish in the Pacific Marine Park, Puntarenas, Costa Rica was performed. TheExpand
Food waste valorization through composting and bio-drying for small scale fruit processing agro-industries
Agri-food industries entail a relevant economic activity, with major opportunities to improve food security, the economy, and the environmental performance of food systems. However, thoseExpand
Alternatives and actions regarding solid residues, presented by Jimenez and Oreamuno municipalities and their relation to development and sustainability (Informative)
Currently, the production processes are not efficient, which contributes to the generation of waste. In Costa Rica the municipalities are responsible for the integrated management of solid waste.Expand
Analysis of the solid waste management of Guacimo, Costa Rica
The aim of this paper its shows the results about the analysis of the solid waste management in the “Municipalidad of Guacimo” located in Limon, Costa Rica. The Municipalidad of Guacimo doesn’t haveExpand
Evaluation of the management and final disposal of the poultry litter of heavy breeders used as organic fertilizer in Costa Rica
Five poultry companies raise broiler breeders in Costa Rica. These birds go through two stages, rearing and laying, and at the end of each stage they generate the residue known as manure or litter.Expand