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BACKGROUND Limited heart rate (HR) rise (HRR) during exercise, known as chronotropic incompetence (CI), is commonly observed in chronic heart failure (CHF). HRR is closely related to workload, the limitation of which is characteristic of CHF. Whether CI is a causal factor for exercise intolerance, or simply an associated feature remains unknown. (More)
The trend towards laparoscopic surgery seen in other specialties has not occurred at the same pace in oesophagectomy. This stems from concerns regarding compromised oncological clearance, and complications associated with gastric tube necrosis and anastomotic failure. We present our experience of minimally invasive oesophagectomy (MIO) compared to open and(More)
This study examines the epidemiology of flame burn injuries in 173 patients treated in four regional burn centres. During this study, recurring and predictable burn accident scenarios were found identifying who was being burned, the circumstances surrounding the burn injury, the burn victim's response to the flame burn situation and the role of garments in(More)
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