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Abnormalities that affect the developing human limb range from subtle differences that are of no functional or cosmetic consequence, to complete absence of all limbs. Advances in non-invasive imaging have improved antenatal detection of these conditions and has broadened the options available to prospective parents. This paper considers congenital femoral(More)
PURPOSE OF REVIEW Chest tube placement, or tube thoracostomy, is an invasive procedure designed to evacuate air and/or fluid from the thorax, whether emergent or elective. In the placement of these devices particular attention and effort must be made to understand safe and reliable anatomic techniques and device maintenance so as to avoid serious injury to(More)
Needle thoracostomy (NT) is a valuable adjunct in the management of tension pneumothorax (tPTX), a life-threatening condition encountered mainly in trauma and critical care environments. Most commonly, needle thoracostomies are used in the prehospital setting and during acute trauma resuscitation to temporize the affected individuals prior to the placement(More)
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