Ronny van't Oever

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The zebrafish embryo is a small, cheap, whole-animal model which may replace rodents in some areas of research. Unfortunately, zebrafish embryos are commonly cultured in microtitre plates using cell-culture protocols with static buffer replacement. Such protocols are highly invasive, consume large quantities of reagents and do not readily permit(More)
BACKGROUND Most hematology analyzers today are capable of performing white blood cell differential analysis but only limited red blood cell (RBC) differential parameters are available. Because of incomplete morphological information on RBC abnormalities, 5-10% of samples in hematology laboratories routinely undergo smear review. A more complete automated(More)
We have developed a micromachined flow cell consisting of a flow channel integrated with micropipettes. The flow cell is used in combination with an optical trap set-up (optical tweezers) to study mechanical and structural properties of ADNA molecules. The flow cell was realised using silicon micromachining including the so-called buried channel technology(More)
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