Ronny Wiegand

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Although the ultimate success of surgery depends on the use of adequate psychomotor skills, the evaluation of the abilities of a trainee and the teaching of these skills has not been systematized. The choice of a trainee in surgery should be based at least partially on his innate abilities, and his training should be begun at an appropriate level. The(More)
The variability-of-practice hypothesis, a major prediction of Schmidt's (1975) motor schema theory, was tested in an attempt to investigate motor-schema formation. In addition, schema retention was observed after a 2-week retention interval. The task involved preschool children in tossing a bean bag for appropriate distance. Four treatment groups received(More)
We demonstrate the workability of an experimental facility that is geared towards the acquisition of articulatory data from a variety of speech styles common in language use, by means of two synchronized electromagnetic articulography (EMA) devices. This approach synthesizes the advantages of real dialogue settings for speech research with a detailed(More)
An investigation was conducted to compare the effect of practice on the motor performance of older adults with that of college-aged adults. The temporal location of knowledge of results was varied during the practice in an attempt to ascertain the relationship between information storage/processing capacity and practice effect. Analysis of variance revealed(More)
The present study investigated the role of working memory capacity (WMC) in the control of recollection in young and older adults. We used electroencephalographic event-related potentials (ERPs) to examine the effects of age and of individual differences in WMC on the ability to prioritize recollection according to current goals. Targets in a recognition(More)
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