Ronny Rocha Ribeiro

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In the search for new therapeutic tools against tuberculosis two novel iron complexes, [Fe(L-H)(3)], with 3-aminoquinoxaline-2-carbonitrile N(1),N(4)-dioxide derivatives (L) as ligands, were synthesized, characterized by a combination of techniques, and in vitro evaluated. Results were compared with those previously reported for two analogous iron complexes(More)
When the spin Hamiltonian is a linear function of the magnetic field intensity the resonance fields can be determined, in principle, by an eigenfield equation. In this report, we show a new technical approach to the resonance field problem where the eigenfield equation leads to a dynamic equation or, more specifically, to a first order differential equation(More)
Proteins belonging to the P(II) family coordinate cellular nitrogen metabolism by direct interaction with a variety of enzymes, transcriptional regulators and transporters. The sensing function of P(II) relies on its ability to bind the nitrogen/carbon signalling molecule 2-oxoglutarate (2-OG). In Proteobacteria, P(II) is further subject to reversible(More)
In the search for new compounds with antitumor activity, coordination complexes with different metals are being studied by our group. This work presents the synthesis and characterization of six copper complexes with general stoichiometry [Cu(L-dipeptide)(phen)]·nH2O (were phen=1,10-phenanthroline) and their cytotoxic activities against tumor cell lines. To(More)
The reversible thermochromic behaviour of homoleptic [{V(OR)(4)}(n)] complexes in solution [R = Pr(i) (product I), Bu(s) (B(s)), Nep (N) and Cy (C)] is accounted for the existence of an aggregation equilibrium involving dimeric and monomeric species in which vanadium(iv) is respectively five- and four-coordinate. Bulky R groups such as Bu(t) and Pe(t)(More)
Schiff condensation of 2,6-diformyl 4-methylphenol with semicarbazide hydrochloride in 1:2 molar ratio produces the bis(semicarbazone) ligand, herein called H3L. A comprehensive spectroscopic analysis of the compound was performed by (1)H and (13)C NMR, FTIR and electronic spectroscopies. Assignments to the UV-vis spectrum of H3L were supported by(More)
Iron is an essential micronutrient for living organisms as it is involved in a broad variety of important biological processes. However, free iron inside the cell could be potentially toxic, generating hydroxyl radicals through the Fenton reaction. Dps (DNA-binding protein from starved cells) belongs to a subfamily of ferritins and can store iron atoms(More)
The alkylation of pUC19 plasmid DNA has been employed as a model reaction for the first studies on chemoprotective action by a mixed-valence (+IV/+V) polyoxovanadate. A new, non-hydrothermal route for the high yield preparation of the test compound is described. The deep green, microcrystalline solid A was isolated after a three-day reaction in water at(More)
Pyridine-2-carbaldehyde semicarbazone ligand (HL) reacts with copper(II) sulphate in water solution to yield the coordination polymer [{Cu(II)(HL)(H(2)O)(SO(4))}(n)] (1). The crystals are triclinic with space group P(-1) and the metal ion is occupying a distorted octahedral geometry. EPR results show that a dynamic Jahn-Teller (J-T) effect is operative in(More)
Dois complexos contendo vanádio e lítio, [V 6 Li 10 O 8 (ONep) 14 {OSi(Me) 2 (ONep)} 2 ] (1) e [V(ONep) 3 (μ-ONep) 2 Li(thf) 2 ] (2), Nep = neopentila, Me = metila e thf = tetraidrofurano, foram isolados em alto rendimento e caracterizados por diversas técnicas incluindo espectroscopias de ressonância paramagnética eletrônica (RPE, banda X) e ressonância(More)