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Cyanogen bromide (CNBr) is a common chemical used to hydrolyze peptide bonds C-terminal to methionine residues in peptides and proteins. In most cases, the efficiency of this bond cleavage is greater than 90% except in situations where a serine or threonine residue follows methionine in the amino acid sequence. We have explored the mechanism of the(More)
Rats were treated with 3-methylcholanthrene (MC) and DT-diaphorase from liver was partially purified on an azodicoumarol-Sepharose 6B column and applied to an FPLC-chromatofocusing column in order to resolve isoforms. Six peaks showing significant DT-diaphorase activity were eluted from this column with a pH gradient between 7.30 to 4.80. The amino acid(More)
Tonic contractions of the swine carotid media are typically characterized by initial transients in myoplasmic [Ca2+] and cross-bridge phosphorylation followed by force maintenance with reduced intracellular [Ca2+] and cross-bridge phosphorylation ("latch"). The presence of effective mechanisms in the carotid media to limit steady-state myoplasmic [Ca2+] and(More)
One of the main problems in software development for service robots is to create systems that reliably behave as intended, even though the real field of application and the concrete user requirements are unknown during design time. Consequently, the software controlling service robots has to be aware of its environment and has to adapt its behavior(More)
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