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Enterprise architecture is gaining acceptance as an approach to manage change and foster IT/business alignment by (1) propagating strategy and process changes to the software and infrastructure level, by (2) supporting consistent business transformation enabled by technologyi nnovations, and by (3) decoupling business-oriented and technology-oriented(More)
After a period where implementation speed was more important than integration, consistency and reduction of complexity, architectural considerations have become a key issue of information management in recent years again. Enterprise architecture is widely accepted as an essential mechanism for ensuring agility and consistency, compliance and efficiency.(More)
Enterprise architecture (EA) gained growing importance as a key issue of information management in recent years. This paper is aimed at contributing to EA methodology by a systemization of EA analysis techniques and EA application scenarios. These findings are compared with current EA practice collected by means of an exploratory study.
In diesem Beitrag wird ein hierarchischer, mehrstufiger Ansatz für IT/Business Alignment vor-gestellt, der auf der Unternehmensarchitektur als zentralem Koordinationsinstrument basiert. Den Ausgangspunkt bilden die Diskussion mehrstufiger, hierarchischer Systeme sowie die Be-urteilung von Instrumenten für das IT/Business Alignment aus Sicht der(More)
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