Ronny Eckhaus

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Alternative policies to address global climate change are being debated in many nations and within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. To help provide objective and comprehensive analyses in support of this process, we have developed a model of the global climate system consisting of coupled sub-models of economic growth and(More)
The development of mobile data services is a challenging process. Not only do mobile devices differ substantially from each other but also users of mobile services have different preferences according to which communication channel they want to access these services. Our company has started a project to develop a new software architecture by which it will(More)
This paper presents a generic agent-based framework for social-mobile applications, which has been developed as part of an ongoing linkage project. The MobiSoft project is driven by the vision of facilitating, augmenting, and promoting human social interaction by electronic personal assistants during face-to-face encounters. Possible areas of social mobile(More)
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