Ronnie van Hoof

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This paper summarizes our efforts to bring together and extend the best in current theory and technologies for teamwork-centered autonomy for space applications. Traditional planning technologies at the foundation of intelligent robotic systems typically take an autonomycentered approach, with representations, mechanisms, and algorithms that have been(More)
During the Mars Society's Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) Rotation 49 (April 23May 7, 2006), we field tested and significantly extended a prototype monitoring and advising system for the habitat crew that integrates data from the MDRS power system. A distributed, wireless network of functionally specialized agents interact with the crew to provide(More)
specification, management, conflict resolution, and enforcement To increase the assurance with which agents can be deployed in of policies within the specific contexts established by complex operational settings, we have been developing the KAoS policy organizational structures. Following a description of these and domain services. In conjunction with(More)
?ulmo~~1 ~ap1ration of gastric aetter is a serious complicn~ion that occur during anaesthetic induction in pa tients subl2li tted 'to entergency surger,.. with lIf'ull stomach": The severity of it depends 00 the yollJnle and pH of t.he vaa-, pirated ~luid. The mortalit1 rate is ~. N~erous techniques haY~ been described dealing to avoid this. comp j t ca t(More)
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